Romantic Minimalism using delicate detailing.. Meet Melbourne-based Mankhaseo

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Romantic minimalism and time travelling through lustrous fabrics is at the core these  delicately detailed designs..


Tell us about Mankhaseo, what is the inspiration behind the label?

Well it started off as I saw a gap in the minimalistic party/occasion wear in the market and we have evolved since from the fist capsule collection. We are on our third collection now and it somewhat gotten slightly more romantic as it progresses. We are still a very young emerging brand and I think the aesthetic is still ever-changing. 


We are constantly inspired by the beauty of nature, our love of art and galleries, dialogues and cinemas, tunes and notes in different music genres, essence in words and poetries. This is a label in which I am trying to weave all these different elements into the thought process and out comes the collection and our garments.


Where did you study fashion design? What year did you graduate and what was the course like?

I did a year of certificate IV in fashion design at Melbourne School of Fashion, graduated in year 2010. Everything I had ever learned in school was rather basic and it was subsequent internships as well as different positions in fashion companies that I gathered what work in the real world. 


Did you start Mankhaseo whilst studying? How did the idea come about?


I started Mankhaseo after substantial years of working in the fashion industry. The idea came about as I saw a gap in the market and it is overwhelmed by fast fashion and also the changing consumer sentiments and spending habits. Also, I think some dresses are meant to be worn for more than once, and ideally it stands the test of time and could be worn by the next generation. Like an heirloom, someone could pass on their watches or jewelleries, and why not dresses or classic piece of garment. 


Can you tell us about each of Mankhaseo's collections and the inspirational behind each one?

Each collection we started off with a mood-board, either a 1950s inspired image, colour spectrum from a movie that we have seen or even midnight stars. Then, we picked out silhouettes and micro details we love - such as a sleek plunging neckline, bow necktie, sphere ornamental buttons etc that sort of fit into the whole look and feel of the collection. We repeat some designs and details as the collection builds up and we are finding our signature piece and attempting to create a brand DNA.

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What fabrics to you tend to use most in the construction of your garments and why? 

We lean towards using silk, sequins and embellished fabrics. Also, we are trying to incorporate faux fur in our coming winter collection. 


Are you looking to take on more stockists in the near future? Which boutiques can you see Mankhaseo being stocked in?


We definitely are looking for expansion as we build up our production capability. In a big picture, ULTIMATELY we would love to be on Moda Operandi or the likes of Le Bon Marche ( and that's a tall order and a dream I know). Of course, everything starts from a dream or a thought, and that translate to actions. It's a long long way to go but it's worth trying. 


Are each of Mankhaseo's designs crafted in-house? What are the steps in creating the garment after a customer places on order?

We have a few independent dressmakers whom we work with, and did our collection samplings. Once we get the order, we will send fabrics to the dressmaker and we produce them as the order comes in, even if it were just one piece. 


Where can we purchase Mankhaseo's beautiful designs online?

At the moment, we are on Alice is Back and you could also rent some pieces from Vestrr, Moda Society and Style Theory. We have also recently just sent our collection to Limitee PR in London in which they act as our PR agent in the other part of the world, so it's rather exciting. Simultaneously, we are in the process of setting up a website, so stay tuned! 

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